Always ensure that you have the correct tackle necessary. Especially a large landing net 36 inch triangle minimum, unhooking mat, forceps, wire cutters, small bolt croppers strong enough to cut through hooks, scales, weigh sling and suitable terminal tackle including wire traces.

For recommended code of conduct refer to guidelines on PAC website


  1. It is illegal under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act to bring fish from any other water to use as live-bait, all live-baits must be caught from the water you are fishing on for pike and must not exceed 8” (20cm) in length.
  2. Juniors are only allowed to fish for pike when accompanied by a responsible senior member.
  3. Rods should never be left unattended in any circumstances. If you leave your peg for any reason – REEL IN.
  4. All pike anglers must be in possession of a suitable unhooking mat, which must be used to unhook pike.
  5. Weighing should be carried out using a weigh sling NOT with the balance hook under the pike’s chin.
  6. All pike must be returned to the water safely and unharmed. If unsure ASK another angler. NEVER use a pike gag.
  7. The taking of fish from any association water is prohibited under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act. Offenders may be prosecuted.
  8. A suitable wire trace should ALWAYS be used when fishing for pike.
    Recommended minimum 18” (45cm) 20lbs breaking strain for bait fishing and 30lbs BS. when lure fishing/spinning. An uptrace must be used when livebaiting, a minimum of 6” (15cm) longer than the hook trace to prevent bite-offs.
  9. Spinning is allowed on the canal fishery by SENIOR members only, and members must not encroach within two pegs of any other angler when spinning. Trolling or ‘Walking’ is not allowed.
  10. Monofilament lines for pike fishing must be no less than 15lbs breaking strain. Braided lines may be used ONLY WHEN LURE FISHING/SPINNING FOR PIKE and must be no less than 30lbs BS,
  11. Ensure type of knots used with braid are suitable. Recommended knot for use with braid is the Palomar knot.
  12. The use of barbless or crushed barbed hooks is recommended, stainless steel hooks to be avoided. When live or deadbait fishing one hook per treble may be left barbed to retain bait.
  13. The use of fixed leads is prohibited, see PAC guidelines for ‘safe’ rigs.
  14. Fishing for pike is limited to the following times:
    Lure fishing/Spinning is allowed all year round.
    Deadbait/Livebait fishing is only allowed during the traditional pike season 1st October to 31st March inclusive.