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Fishing Rules

Newton le Willows AA General Rules

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1. Membership shall be continuous and subscriptions paid in full to the Treasurer or other person nominated by the Executive Committee before the start of the season on April 1st at such time and place as decided by the Executive Committee. Any member wishing to resign their membership shall notify the Secretary in writing and return their membership card before the start of the new season on April 1st.

2. All members when on association waters must carry their permit with them, and shall produce his/her permit when required to do so by any Bailiff, Association Official, Police Officer, land owner or any member, etc.
It is the members responsibility to ensure his/her name and Photo is in the back of the permit before going on the bank fishing,( if not you will be fined)!!( Excluding Juniors)

3. No member shall lend or transfer his membership card to any other person. Any member losing his membership card shall obtain another on payment of a fee. All members shall notify the secretary of their change of address.

4. Fishing will only be allowed from sunrise to sunset. The use of lamps and isotopes as an aid to fishing is forbidden.

5. No member, whilst fishing shall disturb any other member by noise or movement nor shall he fish within ten yards of any member without that member's permission.

6. Fishing shall be confined to 1 rod only on all Association waters, exception to this being the Upper/Lower pounds of the Sankey canal, Monastery Dam, Sutton Mill Dam and Colliers Moss Common Lake where 2 rods are permitted. (The use of a rod and pole is not permitted at all).
No litter shall be deposited in the water or on the banks but shall be carried away for disposal. These rules will be rigourously enforced and offenders dealt with by the Executive Committee.

7. Keepnets may only be used in bona fide matches and must conform to E.A. Byelaw No 20, of a minimum 2.0 metres long and 380mm (15") diameter, and be of a knotless material. Except in matches all fish must be handled carefully and returned to the water immediately. Damage to fish through rough handling can spread disease.

8. Surplus bait shall not be disposed of in Association waters. Boilies can only be used on the Upper and Lower pounds of the Sankey canal, Monastery Dam, Sutton Mill Dam and Colliers Moss Common Lake and on NO other Association waters. (No peg prebaiting).
Fly fishing is allowed on association rivers only. Not on association still waters.

D 9. No Bloodworm, Jokers, Tigernuts, any other nuts or trout pellets to be used on any Association water.

10. No rods or poles to be left baited and unattended. Landing nets must be used on all Association waters. Members must not block footpaths or access points for any reason whatsoever.

11. Changes of rules at an A.G.M. shall be operative from the start of the next season.

12. NO Bivvies (or Bed Chairs) to be used on any Association waters. (Except for those who have purchased a night fishing permit).

13. NO alcohol, tins, cans or glass bottles are allowed on any Association water.

14. The abuse of Association bailiffs will not be tolerated and the offenders will be expelled. (a) Junior members must be accompanied by a senior member on all Association waters (except the Upper and Lower pounds) and must fish on the adjacent peg or double pegs provided.

15. The use of radios whilst fishing is prohibited. 16a. Members must not transfer or lend their permits or keys to anyone, and must LOCK our gates when entering or leaving lock up waters.

16. All members to park their vehicles in the car park.

17. Motorcycles not to be taken along the towpath.

18. Fishing on the canals to be strictly from the tow path only. No fishing from the opposite banking.
Members must fish from the pegs provided and not fish in between pegs off the ordinary banking or pathways, on any association waters.

19. Members must not disturb trees or vegetation, and keep to the footpaths while in Linear Park 20a. The statutory close season applies to our rivers. No coarse fishing between March 15 and June 15, both dates inclusive.

20. A Development Fund has been established and donations will be thankfully received.

21. If, when writing to the Secretary, a reply is needed, please enclose a S.A.E.


Any members fishing Association waters do so at their own risk.

Pike Fishing Rules

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Always ensure that you have the correct tackle necessary. Especially a large landing net 36”inch triangle minimum, unhooking mat, forceps, wire cutters, small bolt croppers strong enough to cut through hooks, scales, weigh sling and suitable terminal tackle including wire traces.

For recommended code of conduct refer to guidelines on PAC website


P1. It is illegal under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act to bring fish from any other water to use as live-bait, all live-baits must be caught from the water you are fishing on for pike and must not exceed 8” (20cm) in length.

P2. Juniors are only allowed to fish for pike when accompanied by a responsible senior member.

P3. Rods should never be left unattended in any circumstances. If you leave your peg for any reason – REEL IN

P4. All pike anglers must be in possession of a suitable unhooking mat, which must be used to unhook pike.

P5. Weighing should be carried out using a weigh sling NOT with the balance hook under the pike’s chin.

P6. All pike must be returned to the water safely and unharmed. If unsure ASK another angler. NEVER use a pike gag.

P7. The taking of fish from any association water is prohibited under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act. Offenders may be prosecuted.

P8. A suitable wire trace should ALWAYS be used when fishing for pike. Recommended minimum 18” (45cm) 20lbs breaking strain for bait fishing and 30lbs BS. when lure fishing/spinning. An uptrace must be used when livebaiting, a minimum of 6” (15cm) longer than the hook trace to prevent bite-offs.

P9. Spinning is allowed on the canal fishery by SENIOR members only, and members must not encroach within two pegs of any other angler when spinning. Trolling or ‘Walking’ is not allowed.

P10. Monofilament lines for pike fishing must be no less than 15lbs breaking strain. Braided lines may be used ONLY WHEN LURE FISHING/SPINNING FOR PIKE and must be no less than 30lbs BS,

P11. Ensure type of knots used with braid are suitable. Recommended knot for use with braid is the Palomar knot.

P12. The use of barbless or crushed barbed hooks is recommended, stainless steel hooks to be avoided. When live or deadbait fishing one hook per treble may be left barbed to retain bait.

P13. The use of fixed leads is prohibited, see PAC guidelines for ‘safe’ rigs.

P14. Fishing for pike is limited to the following times;

Lure fishing/Spinning is allowed all year round. Deadbait/Livebait fishing is only allowed during the traditional pike season 1st October to 31st March inclusive.

Carp Fishing Rules

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C1. The use of Fixed Leads is not allowed.

C2. The use of Beachcaster Rigs is not allowed.

C3. Leads over 2.5oz are not allowed.

C4. An unhooking mat must be used.

C5. A large landing net must be used.

C6. Fish must be weighed in a weigh sling.

C7. Only Juniors over the age of 10 allowed to fish for Carp, but must be supervised by a Senior Member.

C8. No braided lines to be used for Carp. A maximum four inch braid hooklength is permitted to assist bait presentation.

C9. All fish must be returned to the water safely and unharmed.

C10. NO Bivvies to be used on any Association water except by those members in possession of a night fishing permit for those waters where permitted.