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Association Objectives

Association aims for now and in the future

The objects of the association, shall be, to promote, encourage and develop the sport of angling in Newton-le-Willows.

Our membership is open to all and we strive to offer the opportunity to all people to take part in the sport of coarse fishing, regardless of nationality or creed, ability or disability. (however the committee will refuse membership to those who they deem as undesirable.)

To provide the best possible standards of angling for our members, by proper fishery management policy, and adequate levels of stocking throughout our water courses.

To promote fair and proper competitive match angling, from within the association at both local and national level, for any and all our categories of members.

To encourage in particular junior angling, with coaching provided in- house and in local schools to ensure correct and proper practice within our sport, we feel that the junior of today is the future officers and committees of tomorrow.

We want to bring the sport to the disabled people in our area, and help them to enjoy our sport. (At the moment we offer help and advice to our local Out Reach Group, this is a local body for the mentally handicapped, they feel that angling is very therapeutic for their members.)

Child Protection Policy Statement

Child protection officer

Child protection officer Graham Barton

This is the child protection policy statement for Newton-le-Willows A.A.
We Will

  • Keep a register of every child involved with the group including relevant medical details and have a contact name and number close to hand in case of emergencies.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Remember that some issues are confidential.
  • Provide an example we would wish others to follow.
  • Where possible consider activities which would involve more than one adult being present or at least within sight and hearing of others.
  • Be aware that someone else might misinterpret our actions even if they are well intentioned.
  • Respect a child's right to talk to us.
  • Encourage children to respect and care for others.
  • Take action to stop any inappropriate verbal or physical behaviour.
  • Have a group policy for the collection of children after events have finished.
  • Remember to REFER not INVESTIGATE any suspicions or allegations of abuse.
  • Only share concerns and seek support from those identified in the group's child protection policy.
Adopted by Newton-le-Willows A.A. on the 21/12/04
R Matthews (chairman)