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Hooks and knots

1.Basic Knots
2.Clinch knot
3.Blood knot
4.Arbor knot
5.Albright knot
6.Offshore swivel knot


hooksThe size of hooks are determined by its number pattern, a junior angler can become confused ,eg a size 24 is a small hook were as a size 6 hook is a large hook. Hooks go in sizes from 26,24,22,20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2.

The most common hooks for maggots are sizes 16,18,20 a long shank hook in 16,18 and 20 for the caster .Larger baits worms and bread are fished on sizes 14, 12 ,10 ,8 ,the smaller sizes 24,22 are used for fishing the feeder maggot or pinkies.

Hooks come in two forms spade end or eyed ,the spade end hooks are best in the smaller sizes 26 to 14, you will need a special tool to tie spade ends called a hook tie ( available at good tackle shops) which tie the line to the hook in a neat knot.

Small hooks have to be used with light lines eg
8oz line hooklenghts to size 24 hooks
1lb /1.5lb line hook lengths to size 20 /22
1.5lb /2lb line hook lengths to size 18
2lb /2.5lb line hooklenghts to size 16
This is called being in balance .

It is important to match the hook length to the reel line or rig you are fishing with ,the breaking stain of the reel line or rig line should always be stronger than the hook length so any breaks that happen on the terminal tackle will only result in the loss of your hook and hook length and not your float or weights eg, 2lb reel line fish with a hook length of 1.5lb to a 1lb so if you get snagged or lose a big fish the line will break at the weaker line.

Basic Knots

clinch knot

Clinch Knot

To tie the  Clinch Knot, pass line through the hook eye once or twice and, with the tag end, make 5 or more turns around the standing line. Insert the loose end of the line between eye and first loop formed. Bring the end through the large second loop formed.


Wet the line and tighten the knot slowly while holding the loose end of the line end between thumb and index finger so the knot is partly closed before it's secured against the eye. Cut  the loose end of the line.

The Improved Clinch Knot

Improved Clinch Knot


The blood Knot

The blood knot is used for tying two pieces of fishing line together. This is one of those fishing knots that you occasionally will need. But it is a fishing knot that many anglers unfortunately don't know how to tie.

Arbor Knot

abor knot

Albright Knot

albright knot

Joining 2 lines togther

 The Albright knot is often used by  fisherman to join two lines together but can be used when joining any two lines of unequal size together.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are only a few loops shown in the picture below. When making your loops use anywhere from 7 to 11 loops to ensure it doesn't slip

offshore knot


For more information on knots please see the animated knots website