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The Teddy Jones Trophy 18/5/19 Juniors and Ladies

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 8:46 pm
by MerlinL14
Today's Ladies and Junior match on Vulcan Res
The Teddy Jones Trophy

1st.Carole Maughan. 6lb 9oz.F1carp & skimmers
2nd Tanya Whitley. 4oz skimmer

1st. Warren Jones. 20lb 4oz F1carp
2nd Oli Cox. 8lb 6oz F1carp
3rd Paige Robinson. 6lb 10oz F1carp/roach

Biggest fish of the day
Oli Cox. 3lb 12oz F1carp

Well done to all who fished, special mention to Peter Clancy on his first fishing trip catching 1lb 4oz

The next match is on Lyme Pool on the 1st of June