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Newton le Willows A Asc Match Fishing News, 11-7-19.

The Widnes Angling Centre Junior/Ladies Trophies. Sat 6-7-19, The Lagoon.
Junior Trophy:
1st Warren Jones Peg 9 with chub, tench and skimmers to method for 6-10-0.
2nd, Oli Cox, peg 14 with chub and skimmers to tip for 5-12-0.
3rd Harry Matthews, Peg 13 with chub ans silvers to method for 5-0-0.
Ladies Trophy:
1st Tanya Whitley peg 3 with silver fish to pole for 3-6-0.
2nd, Kelly Neave, Peg 6 with skimmers to tip for 1-5-0.
3rd, Carole Maughan, peg 8 with roach to tip for 0-9-0.
Many Thanks to Sarah Taylor fishing, (Maver) for the donation of the junior prize.

Newton-le-Willows AA, Cory Environmental Annual Challenge Trophy.
Lyme & Wood Pools, Sunday 7th July. (21 pegs).
Lyme Pool,
1. Chris Grehan (Warrington), peg 9, 9-10-0, F1s on pole and worm
2. Paul Hill (Widnes), peg 4, 7-5-0, F1s on pole and worm
3. Eddie Marcroft (Golborne Tackle & Bait), peg 8, 5-8-0, F1s and silvers on pole
Wood Pool:
1. Ian Alexander (Burt Baits), peg 13, 9-0-0, F1s on pole and worm
2. Ian Wilson (Newton-le-Willows), peg 19, 4-8-0, mixed bag on pole
3. Graham Sixsmith (St Helens), peg 15, 3-5-0, silvers on pole and pinkie.

Tuesday evening Members Sweepstake, White Door Dam. (15 pegs).

1st Ken Broomefield, (Skelmersdale) peg 13 with carp skimmers and roach to tip for 21-8-0.
2nd Mike Casey, (Newton le W) peg 10 with skimmers and roach to pole for 8-10-0.
3rd Arthur Fearnley (Warrington) peg 26 with a carp to pole for 4-10-0.

The Disabled & Over Sixties Members Weekly Match, Yewtree Reservoir, (18 pegs).
1st Chris Grehan (Warrington), peg 15 with bream, silvers and a carp to pole for 25 3-0.
2nd Eddie Marcroft (Golborne Tackle & Bait) peg 18 with tench carp and silvers to pole for 11-1-0
3rd Dave Boyle (Newton le W) peg22 with carp and bream to pole for 10-5-0.
4th Dougie Thom (Garston) peg 9 with bream and silver fish to pole for 9-1-0.

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