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Hard Day

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 11:58 am
by Evo66
Tried Yew Tree for the first time. Nice day. so thought it may be a good days fishing, ha think again!! Only thing I caught was the sun.
Fished opposite bank from the gate, followed advice that you don’t need to go too far out. Several bites but all missed.
Saw a big fish role in front of me, so a quick cast towards it with 3 maggots on the hook and it went under straight away and it went like a train.
Ripped yards and yards of line off, I’ve never had a fish go like it. Then “snap”, hook length snapped, you can all imagine what I said 😂😂
After speaking to my son(Tom)who had a blank day the same thing had happened to him at the start of the session.
Decided to go to White Door Dam about 3ish just to try and see some fish.
Tom had a great run of 6 skimmer/bream decent sizes on pellet feeder, missed a few bites on feeder and waggler too.
My only fish come late a decent dace, beautiful colour probably biggest Dace I’ve caught.
Not the best of days but pleased to see Tom enjoying his fishing, learning and catching decent fish.
Now how do I beat him......