Sunday, May 27th 2018. Sunrise : 04:52, Sunset : 21:23

River Severn, Shelton

Off The Mount (A458), Shelton, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 8TS (70 miles from St Helens)

Key Required For Access: No.

Day Ticket Available: No.

Strictly Members Only, Permit and Photo ID must be carried at all times.

Fish Species:

Barbel, Bream, Chub, Roach.


(This information comes from St Helens AA website)
This is a stretch of river for the angler who likes to run the Stick or Waggler and catch plenty of fish. Summer 2002 the river was solid with small chub up to 1lb although the odd one came out at 5lb. Roach can be caught all along the stretch and the odd trout.

Best Bait; Bronze Maggot [little and often] Float Maggot, Meat, or Sweet corn Feeder

There are also some good peg’s along the length for the Feeder angler, best known catch to date being 58lb of Chub,

Waders are a must on this river, but there are one or two peg’s that can be fished from the bank.

Park in Shelton Lane. From here to the water is a steep descent (with 70 steps) down to the start of the controlled length. It is also quite narrow and can be very slippery in places. The controlled stretch starts from the point marked on the map and extends for four fields downstream (i.e to the right on the map), following the bend in the river.

Please be aware: Environment Agency Officials regularly visit our waters and will check your rod licence. Anyone found to be without a current E.A. rod licence will be prosecuted.
Beech Pool PhotoBeech Pool PhotoBeech Pool PhotoBeech Pool Photo