Sunday, November 18th 2018. Sunrise : 07:42, Sunset : 16:08

Newton Anglers Match Results

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Date Title Venue Type Hours Results
Sunday, Nov 18Members' SweepstakeHavannah FlashSenior4Awaiting results.
Sunday, Nov 11Members' SweepstakeUpper PoundSenior4National team open fundraiser Sweepstake, Sankey canal Upper pound, (20 pegs)
1. Mark Brown (Newton-le-Willows), peg 13, 8-4-8, roach, rudd and perch on pole and pinkie
2. Ian peg 17, Wilson (Newton-le-Willows), peg 5, 4-7-0, roach, rudd and perch on pole and maggot
3. Bob Campbell (Warrington), peg 8, 4-0-0, roach on pole and punched bread
4. Chris Grehan (Warrington), peg 15, 3-7-0, roach and perch on pole and maggot.

The Disabled and Over Sixties Members Weekly Match, Vulcan Reservoir, (15 pegs),
1st Dave Boyle (Newton le Willows) 17, with f1 carp to method for 15-5-0.
2nd Paul Hill (Widnes) peg 24 with f1 carp to tip and method for 14-13-0.
3rd Mike Casey, (Newton le Willows) peg 9, with f1 carp to pole and pellet for 14-2-0
4th Bill Holden (Golborne) peg 18, with f1 carp to tip and method for 9-7-0.
Sunday, Nov 04Members' SweepstakeUpper PoundSenior4Newton le Willows AAsc match, 4th November on Havannah Flash, Sunday 4-11-18, (15pegs)
1st Ian Alexander ( Oldham ) peg 17 ... 9lb 8oz ( all roach &;skimmers on pole with pinky/squatt )
2nd Ray Roughley ( St Helens), peg 26 ... 6lb 0oz ( all roach &;skimmers on pole and big maggot )
3rd Nigel Letford ( St Helens ) peg 16 .... 5lb 0oz ( all roach and skimmers punch bread and pinkies )
4th Chris Grehan ( Warrington ) peg 18 .... 3lb 6oz ( all roach and skimmers on punch bread ).

The Disabled and over sixties members weekly match, White door dam, beech pool, Thursday8th November.
1st Eddie Marcroft,(Golborne Tackle &bait) peg 13, with carp, roach and skimmers to pole for 20lbs 8oz 0drms.
2nd, Chris Grehan (Warrington) peg6, with carp and silvers to pole for 14 8 0.
3rd Jimmy Corkish, (St Helens) peg 11 with roach and skimmers to pole for 7 15 0.