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Newton Anglers Match Results

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Date Title Venue Type Hours Results
Sunday, Jul 15The Harry's Tackle TrophyUpper PoundSenior & ladies,4Awaiting results.
Thursday, Jul 12Disabled and Over Sixties Members Weekly MatchCow Hay Dam & Lagoon Haydock Pk FarmSenior & ladies,4Awaiting results.
Sunday, Jul 08Members MatchLyme & Wood poolsSenior & ladies,4The Corys Annual Senior Trophy, Lyme & Wood Country Park 8-7-18, (20 pegs)
Lyme pool:
1. Ian Alexander (Oldham), peg 5, 8-15-0, carp and f1s on pole and worm
2. Bill Holden (N-le-W), peg 3, 8-12-0, f1s on pole and paste
3. Dave Boyle (N-le-W), peg 6, 6-7-0, barbel and f1s on pole and worm
Wood pool:
1. Jimmy Corkish (St Helens), peg 11, 4-2-0, f1s and silver's on pole and worm or maggot
2. Mark Brown (N-le-W), peg 12, 3-11-8, f1s and silvers on pole and worm
3. Eddie Marcroft (Golborne Tackle N Bait), peg 15, 2-12-0, f1 and silvers on pole and maggot.
Thursday, Jul 05Disabled and Over Sixties Members Weekly MatchVulcan ReservoirSenior & ladies,4 The Disabled & Over Sixties Members Weekly Match, Vulcan Reservoir, (18 pegs) 5-7-18.

1st Dave Boyle (Newton le W) peg 11 with f1 carp to pole and paste for 20-13-0.

2nd Eddie Marcroft(Golborne Tackle & Bait) peg 7 with tench,F1s and roach to pole maggot for 10-14-0.

3rd Bill Aston (Golborne) peg 24 with f1 carp and roach to pole and maggot for 10-3-0.

4th Jimmy Corkish (St Helens) peg 25 with all silver fish to pole and maggot for 8-7-0.
Sunday, Jul 01The Dennis Butcher TrophyUpper PoundSenior & ladies,4The Dennis Butcher Senior Trophy, Sunday 1 7 18 Upper Pound Sannkey Canal, (25 pegs).

1st Billy Aston Golborne peg 51…… 6lb 3oz …. All silvers on pole & maggot

2nd Ian Wilson Newton-le-Willows peg 63 …… 6lb 0oz …. All silvers on pole & caster

3rd Chris Grehan Warrington peg 31 …. 4lb 12oz ….. all silvers on pole & maggot

4th Terry Speakman Lowton peg 49 ….. 4lb 7oz …… all silvers on waggler & caster