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Newton Anglers Match Results

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Date Title Venue Type Hours Results
Thursday, Aug 17Disabled and Over Sixties Members Weekly MatchWhite Door DamSenior & ladies,4Awaiting results.
Sunday, Aug 13Senior Sunday matches Upper PoundSenior & ladies,4The Sunday Sweepstake, Upper pound Sankey Canal, ( 20pegs) 13th August,
1st Jeff Stirrat, (Aintree) peg 46, with mainly all roach and some perch to pole and maggot for 11-8-0.
2nd Ernie Hankinson (St Helens) peg 73 with all roach to pole and caster for 9-4-0.
3rd, John Easton (Blundle Sands) peg 65, with all roach to pole and pinky for 7-6-0.
Section Winners:
Sec1 Bill Aston (Golborne) peg 42 with 6-15-0, roach and a bream.
Sec 2 Chris Grehan, (Warrington) peg 63 with 4-15-0. all roach.

The Ron Hassall Festival Committee Trophy, Lagoon 13th August.
1st Harry Newton9(Warrington) peg 5, with roach and rudd for 3-11-0.
1st Mark Brown (Newton le W) peg 1 with crucians roach and chub for 3-11-0.
3rd Martin Egan (Culcheth) peg 7 with roach tench and rudd for 3-6-0.
Section Winners:
Sec1, Eddie Marcroft (Golborne Tackle & Bait) with 2-15-8.
Sec2 Jeff Prescott (Newton le W) peg 9 with rudd and roach for 1-4-0.
Thursday, Aug 10Disabled and Over Sixties Members Weekly MatchCow Hay Dam & Lagoon Haydock Pk FarmSenior & ladies,4No result forthcoming.
Sunday, Aug 06Senior Sunday matches Upper PoundSenior & ladies,4No result forthcoming.
Thursday, Aug 03Disabled and Over Sixties Members Weekly MatchYew Tree ReservoirSenior & ladies,4 The Disabled & Over Sixties Members Weekly Match, (Yewtree Reservoir (20 pegs) 3-8-17.
1st Eddie Cook (Warrington) peg 14 with carp and bream to pole and pellet for 17-12-0.
2nd Dougie Thom (Garston) peg 17 with carp to pole and pellet for 16-7-0.
3rd, Billy Aston (Golborne) peg 20 with carp and roach to pole and pellet for 15-12-0.
Section Winners,
Sec1 Dave Boyle (Newton le W) peg 7 with 14-4-0.
Sec 2, Jimmy Corkish,(St Helens) peg 22 with 11-15-0.